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Our Team services a wide area of Surrey, West Sussex, South London and the surrounding counties.

We visit our clients and their horses at their premises, offering a full range of services from routine healthcare and preventive medicine (vaccinations, dentistry, health management) to pre-purchase exams, lameness and medical investigations and treatments, surgery, colics, wounds and geriatric medicine.

We carry the latest technology on board, offering latest digital technology of mobile wireless radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy, which allows us to service all patients in a more timely and affective manner, without the need to relocate to referral facilities, therefore diagnosing and treating successfully most conditions at the yard. We also offer a range of ambulatory surgical options for more complex treatments.

Please check our map to see our catchment area

Seq Map

Visit A £40 – the Surrey Hills within a 2.8 miles radius from our Peaslake location

Visit A £40 – within a 2 miles radius from our Reigate location

Visit B £52 – up to 3-3.5 miles radius from our locations and including the stretch between the two

Visit C £59 – the rest of the area up to 45 min from Peaslake or Reigate.

Note: these charges relate to the call-out fee, any additional work done by the vet is chargeable.

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Reduced Visit Fees

Our fee-structures include a visit fee before any veterinary work; however, we also offer two alternative solutions that may ease financial pressure by lowering the cost of visits.

Clients can explore our reduced visit fee offers under are our ‘Zone-day’ scheme and our Equine Health Plans

Zone days: £20-£15 visit fee

The Zone-day scheme helps to keep the cost of routine healthcare affordable, by concentrating our work in selected areas and on selected weekdays, from Mon-Thurs.

On these Zone days, we offer visits at £20 per owner for all routine care which will be a relatively swift procedure (for instance vaccinations, dentistry, microchipping or IV/IM injections).

Please note that a reduced visit fee cannot be split and this offer is not linked to more involved and time-consuming clinical examinations, for example for lameness, ophthalmology or any diagnostic imaging, which would attract the regular visit fees.

Group discount

On Zone days, we also offer grouped discounted Zone visit fees, so if you can group together four owners or more (4+) for a single visit, we will reduce the £20 fee to £15 per owner.

A zone-day visit appointment must be booked at least 24h in advance.

On zone days, we can provide a two-hour time window for when the vet expects to arrive. We trust that our clients will be understanding if in case of emergencies our vets may be held up; we will try to make up time and our office will strive to keep our clients updated on any delay.

Please note that whilst on zone days a visit fee will be reduced, any veterinary work is chargeable at normal fees.

Zero Visit Fee:
Equine Health Plan

For those clients wedded to a Zero Visit Fee, our Equine Health Plans present appealing solutions, please explore our offers for an upgraded discount health plan.

Equine Health Plans in brief – SHE Health Plans are bundles of services by subscription which offer discounts ranging from 34-42% on list prices.

Plan members can take advantage of our low-cost zone-day visit fees (see our visits and charges) and can choose between four offerings, two of which present no-charge visit options.

I was so very worried that my beautiful boy needed surgery but after several visits, Corrado was able to bring him back to full health
Ms Ladee, Oxshott

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