Preparing for the unexpected

Understanding veterinary insurance

Veterinary insurance should be peace of mind and never a reason for stress.

Our team has handled equine insurance enquiries and dealt with equine insurance claims for many years.

We advise our clients helping them understanding their position with equine insurance companies throughout all the life of their horses.

So happy with the treatment provided by Corrado and his team, just great to know they provide the care they do

Mr A Mann, Leatherhead
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5 and 2-stages vetting

These are UK recognised standards for pre-purchase examination which have been established by the RCVS and BEVA bodies.

Such protocols allow pre-purchase examinations to follow a format that allows to inspect most conditions that may be relevant to a buyer.

Insurance and pre-purchase exams

From the early stages of a horse pre-purchase exam, our vets will discuss any condition arisen during a vetting and will advise on the risks that these carry in relation to an intended insurance cover.

This is a key topic for an equine buyer, as it represents one of the 3 blocks upon which a pre-purchase exam (vetting) is built. We help future equine owners to understand how far the risk related to a horse’s condition may impact their ability to obtain insurance cover, and thereby help them avoid frustrating insurance complications following a purchase.

For more info on pre-purchase exams, please follow this link.

Purchase veterinary insurance cover

If you do not have veterinary insurance cover for your horse and would like to know more, please call our office on 01306 249 944 our staff will be happy to introduce you to the steps needed to approach insurance companies.

Manage equine insurance claims

If you already have insurance cover and are intending to open a claim on your insurance policy, please contact our office on 01306 249 944 and we will be happy to explain and guide you through this process.

Did you know…

Surrey Hills Equine VS works closely with all major insurance companies, and with your prior authorisation, our practice management software can link your horse’s clinical history directly to your insurance policy, thereby reducing bureaucracy and making your dealings with insurance swift and painless.

I was so very worried that my beautiful boy needed surgery but after several visits, Corrado was able to bring him back to full health
Ms Ladee, Oxshott
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